Handling equipment

Handling equipment – machinery, without which any kind of modern manufacturing, construction, transport, activities in the provision of logistics and services associated with loading and unloading operations and the movement of cargo, cannot operate. Our company offers lifting equipment from leading international companies such as Hyster, JLG, Magni and Combilift.

Name of Hyster, as a leading supplier of forklifts, well known in the industry. Hyster products combines innovative design, the most successful industrial developments, modern production technology and testing. Hyster forklifts lineup is one of the most complex and versatile on the market today, including more than 140 models that fully satisfy all the needs of cargo handling. Whether it is a loader or storage equipment for container handling, the ability to move all types of cargo on pallets or without them weighing up to 48 tons — Hyster Company always offer a solution that meets your needs.

hyster_range_guide_ru_rev16Hyster Brochure (3.1 MB)

Hyster E1.6-2.0XNHyster E1.6–2.0XN (11.6 MB)

Hyster E2.2-3.5XNHyster E2.2–3.5XN (1.6 MB)

Hyster E4.0-5.5XNHyster E4.0–5.5XN (2.5 MB)

Hyster Electrics RangeHyster Electrics Range (1.5 MB)

Hyster H1.6-2.0FTSHyster H1.6–2.0FTS (848 KB)

Hyster H2.0-2.5CTHyster H2.0–2.5CT (1.1 MB)

Hyster H2.0-3.5FTHyster H2.0–3.5FT (1.8 MB)

Hyster H4.0-5.5FTHyster H4.0–5.5FT (1.0 MB)

Hyster H40-50XM-16CHHyster Hyster H40–50XM-16CH (1.0 MB)

Hyster H6.0-7.0FTHyster H6.0–7.0FT (1.8 MB)

Hyster H8.0-9.0FTHyster H8.0–9.0FT (8.9 MB)

Hyster J1.6-2.0XNHyster J1.6–2.0XN (1.3 MB)

Hyster J2.2-3.5XNHyster J2.2–3.5XN (1.2 MB)

Range HysterRange Hyster (2.9 MB)

Hyster Container Handlers H10-12XM-12ECHyster Container Handlers H10–12XM-12EC (16.8 MB)

Hyster Container Handlers H18-23XM-12ECHyster Container Handlers H18–23XM-12EC (2.7 MB)

Hyster Container Handlers Big trucksHyster Container Handlers Big trucks (20.7 MB)

Hyster Container Handlers RS45-46Hyster Container Handlers RS45–46 (6.7 MB)

Hyster Electrics RangeHyster Electrics Range (1.5 MB)

Hyster Fortens RangeHyster Fortens Range (2.9 MB)

Hyster Internal Combustion Trucks S2.0-3.5FTHyster Internal Combustion Trucks S2.0–3.5FT (646 KB)

Hyster Internal Combustion Trucks S4.0-5.5FTHyster Internal Combustion Trucks S4.0–5.5FT (8.5 MB)

Hyster Internal Combustion Trucks S6.0-7.0FTHyster Internal Combustion Trucks S6.0–7.0FT (1.9 MB)

Hyster Low level order pickersHyster Low level order pickers (1.2 MB)

Hyster Pallet Stackers Counterbalanced stackerHyster Pallet Stackers Counterbalanced stacker (1.2 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks P1.6-2.2Hyster Pallet Trucks P1.6–2.2 (1.7 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks P1.6-2.2Hyster Pallet Trucks P1.6–2.2 (1.5 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks P2,5-3,0Hyster Pallet Trucks P2.5–3.0 (1.2 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks P2.0HLHyster Pallet Trucks P2.0HL (1.1 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks P2.0S FBW, P2.0SEHyster Pallet Trucks P2.0S FBW, P2.0SE (2.1 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks RP2.0N, RP2.0-3.0Hyster Pallet Trucks RP2.0N, RP2.0–3.0 (1.3 MB)

Hyster Pallet Trucks Pedestrian stackersHyster Pallet Trucks Pedestrian stackers (1.8 MB)

Hyster Powered stackerHyster Powered stacker (2.7 MB)

Hyster Reach truck R1.4-R2.5Hyster Reach truck R1.4-R2.5 (14 MB)

Hyster VNA man-up trucksHyster VNA man-up trucks (2.0 MB)

Wheel Electric Trucks A1.3-1.5XNTWheel Electric Trucks A1.3–1.5XNT (10.1 MB)

Wheel Hyster Electric Trucks J1.5-2.0XNTWheel Hyster Electric Trucks J1.5–2.0XNT (1.2 MB)

Combilift Company is widely recognized as the company that provides effective solutions for material handling. Special knowledge, market knowledge and practical experience helped to create loaders Combilift — the ideal solution for transportation of long loads. Combilift product range includes a range of solutions, which will facilitate the unloading of materials. The world’s first 4 wheel drive loader with the possibility of movement in all directions — loader Combic.

Over the past 15 years, the Combilift Company has become a recognized leader in the industry of long loads transportation. The company sold more than 19,000 machines, Combilift products used in more than 75 countries.

Combilift General BrochureCombilift General Brochure (2.7 MB)

Combilift Sideloader BrochureCombilift Sideloader Brochure (1.1 MB)

Combilift 3000 STCombilift 3000 ST (428 KB)

Combilift C2500-C3000Combilift C2500-C3000 (477 KB)

Combilift C3000 GTCombilift C3000 GT (268 KB)

C3500-C4500C3500-C4500 (339 KB)

Combilift C4000ECombilift C4000E (484 KB)

Combilift C5000XLCombilift C5000XL (462 KB)

Combilift C6000-C8000Combilift C6000-C8000 (455 KB)

Combilift C10000-C12000Combilift C10000-C12000 (303 KB)

Combilift C14000Combilift C14000 (442 KB)

Combilift C25000Combilift C25000 (405 KB)

Combilift CB2500-3000Combilift CB2500–3000 (396 KB)

Combilift CB4000Combilift CB4000 (720 KB)

Combilift CBECombilift CBE (658 KB)

Combilift SC2013Combilift SC2013 (820 KB)

Combilift WRCombilift WR (1.0 MB)

Combilift WR4Combilift WR4 (766 KB)

Combilift RT PoultryCombilift RT Poultry (1.3 MB)

JLG Industries Company, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture of mobile platforms for aerial work, which are selling under the trademarks of JLG, Toucan and Liftlux. For almost 40 years, the company develops and manufactures JLG platforms aerial work. In a line of models — diesel elevators with jointed arrow, diesel elevators with a telescopic (ultra) arrow, diesel scissors elevators, electro elevators with a cradle, electro elevators of scissors type, mast elevators, boom Compact crawler elevators, vertical elevators for the personnel.

buklet_jlg_protradeJLG буклет (1.6 MB)

Trailer mounted boom liftsTrailer mounted boom lifts (176 KB)

Stock pickersStock pickers (1.9 MB)

Vertical lifts brochureVertical lifts brochure (1.4 MB)

Compact crawler boom liftsCompact crawler boom lifts (2.0 MB)

Ultra boom liftsUltra boom lifts (2.3 MB)

Aerial work platformsAerial work platforms (3.3 MB)

MAGNI Telescopic Handlers — Italian manufacturer, specializing in the production of rotary telescopic loader and heavy telescopic handlers with lifting capacity up to 38 tons. MAGNI produces models of rotary telescopic loaders with lift heights from 18 to 30 meters, with capacity from 4 to 6 tons. Each model, descended from the conveyor MAGNI, already equipped with everything necessary for work with any attachments (the platform,winch,bucket, forks and much more). MAGNI Company is a manufacturer of the highest rotary telescopic loader in theworld, MAGNI RTH 5.30.

Magni RTH 4.18 (1.7 MB)

Magni RTH 5.18 (8.9 MB)

Magni RTH 5.21 (7.4 MB)

Magni RTH 5.23 (7.1 MB)

Magni RTH 5.26 (6.3 MB)

Magni RTH 5.30 (6.8 MB)

Magni RTH 15.10 (4.9 MB)

Magni RTH 20.10 (2.6 MB)

Magni RTH 23.11 (6.7 MB)

Magni RTH 25.11 (2.5 MB)

Magni RTH 35.11 (1.7 MB)

Magni RTH 6.24 (3.1 MB)

Magni HTH 40.13 (2.7 MB)

Magni Scheda tecnica HTH 23.11–1200 (7.9 MB)

Magni Scheda tecnica HTH 23.11–900 (6.7 MB)